Known as the most influential and powerful woman in the sports nutrition industry, Liz Gaspari prides herself as being the Queen in the world of health and fitness, typically dominated by men. Her expertise and overall involvement in the nutritional supplement industry has escalated her brand, Gaspari Nutrition, and transformed her from a regional supplier to a global presence. With over fifteen years in the business, Liz is a top influencer and leads the industry in overall success and expertise.

Liz’ passion has driven her beyond expectations and has broken barriers in the industry through her personalized, and extremely strong vendor relationships, domestic and abroad.

Liz Gaspari does not just offer a product, she offers an experience. That experience includes a total lifestyle change committed to keeping their promise, as well as a mission to provide the ultimate harmony between your body and nutritional supplements.Her products promotes desired, overall surface results, and assists you in achieving optimal health benefits.

Liz’s goal is to develop symmetry for her clients in the same way she has for herself, as she juggles her day-to-day operations of a multi-million dollar business, participates in opportunities that allow her to explore her passion projects, and shares her life as a doting mother. Finding that balance is the key combination between your health, wellness, and energy for life. Liz Gaspari created this product line as a solution to meet the needs of those who were struggling to balance all of the different areas of their life.