We are honoured and proud to have celebrated and iconic athletes that have been to the highest level in Europe and United States.  

 In Susanna Tirpak, we have a NAC Universe winner and Arnold Classic Europe Champion.  She is also a fitness model and a fitness trainer in gyms from Budapest to Qatar.  She has appeared in fitness magazines, photoshoots and has done numerous appearances with other celebrated fitness and bodybuilding icons in US and Europe and featured in magazines interviews and photoshoots.


Nathalie Schmidt IFBB PRO is Germany's legend and icon.  She has appeared in Ferrigno Legacy, New York Pro, Toronto Pro Show, Arnold Classic and the 2014 Olympia in addition to the 2018 EVLS Prague Pro Show.  Nathalie is also a model and actress and has been appearing in theatrical play "Wonder Women", Puccini's opera "Turandot', in TV ads, music videos and also won award for her accomplishment and contribution by the German state.  She is also a fitness and bodybuilding trainer in Germany and has appeared in countless interviews, magazines and videos


Celia Cadena IFBBPRO proves age is no barrier when it comes to fitness and bodybuilding.  Hailing from Texas, USA, Celia has competed in decorated and high profile competitions in the US like the North American IFBB Show, Pittsburgh Pro and San Antonio Pro.  Celia is also a fashionista and model and have appeared in photoshoots.


Natalia Fermin IFBBPRO is a Figure Pro and  has competed in NPC California, NPC USA Championship, and Governors Cup.  She is also a trainer and a model and has her sights set on bigger things to come.


Bella Baez is a NPC Bikini competitor.  She is also a model and actress and has appeared in music video and photoshoots.  She is a very promising talent and has her sights and ambitions well locked.  


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