Liz Gaspari, first-generation Afghan-American businesswoman, philanthropist, and social activist, is the most powerful woman in the male-dominated sports nutritional supplement industry. She is the recipient of the Mike O'Hearn/Croton Warrior Award and Most Powerful Woman in Sports Nutrition award from Musclemag magazine, profiled in Men's Health, Muscular Development, Muscle Fitness, Millennium, and Sports Nutrition Insider, among many other publications.

A born entrepreneur, Ms. Gaspari has been developing, and selling small businesses since her teenage years. She gained her real estate license; studied with the Institute of Logistical Management; mastered negotiations at Notre Dame and economics at Rutgers University. A devotee of good health and fitness, she joined that interest with her business savvy when she built Gaspari Nutrition with her then husband and retired bodybuilder Rich Gaspari. Much of the company's subsequent global growth was spearheaded by Vice-President Liz Gaspari, handling domestic sales and developed international sports supplement exports, a division which accounts more than 50% of total gross sales.

With many achievements, Liz Gaspari stays true to herself, down-to-earth and helps friends with endeavors. She's a powerhouse currently in production with multiple reality series and continues to achieve great success.